Mynd af Icelandic Fish & Chips ehf

Icelandic Fish & Chips ehf


Organic Bistro

The whole concept behind IFC is reinventing tradition. On the menu of this idyllic bistro you will find several types of freshly caught Icelandic fish fried in spelt/barley batter, steamed, baked or just raw; organic vegetables, hearty soups and breads, extended salad offerings, hand cut potato fries baked in quality oils, exotic and extremely fresh skyronnes sauces (no mayo but similar sauce made from Icelandic Skyrr) and several healthy freshly pressed juices.

Icelandic Fish & Chips opened in the winter of 2006, intent on providing fresh and healthy food made with the best available Icelandic ingredients. Blessed with an abundance of fresh fish in the oceans surrounding our island, there was never any question as to what would be the centerpiece of our culinary offerings. Borrowing from our neighbors the Brits, across the Norwegian sea, we went with a slightly elevated version of the classic fish’n chips, bistro style if you will.

Diverging from the traditional orly batter, we forgo the eggs and wheat in favor of organic spelt and a few other secret ingredients. Spelt is a much more complicated carb than simple refined wheat, enabling it to absorb less oil during the frying process, and allowing for a lighter, more delicate coating—somewhat reminiscent of Japanese tempura. As to the oil we use, we stay away from omega 6 laden vegetable oils as much as possible, favoring rape seed oil, due to its tolerance to high temperatures and richness in omega 3 fatty acids.

Carbohydrates readily absorb fat, and so in place of frying our chips, we cut them wedge-style and roast in the oven before tossing them with freshly chopped parsley and Icelandic artisanal salt from Saltverk—a refinery in the West Fjords of Iceland. In addition to being a slightly healthier option, it preserves both flavor and nutrients.

Fibre-laden salads are then an essential accompaniment to any meal heavy in fatty acids. We offer a range of salads, from sweet to savory—whether you are looking for a simple assortment of field greens with a classic vinaigrette, or a mango-pepper-coconut trifecta, we have something that will agree with your tastebuds.

Last but not least are our skyr-based dips—we call them Skyronnes® a portmanteau of skyr and mayonnaise. Skyr is a unique Icelandic dairy product—once common throughout Europe it has only been preserved in the remote North. Technically a fresh, soft cheese, it tastes much like a thick strained yogurt, but with infinitely more protein and hardly any fat. Using skyr as a base, we mix in extra virgin olive oil and freshly ground herbs and spices to create our unique dips. From classic tartar to truffle & tarragon, you will certainly find a flavor to suit your tastes.


Erna Kaaber


Ólafur Freyr Sigurðsson