Mynd af Hótel Reykjanes

Hótel Reykjanes

About Reykjanes

Hotel Reykjanes is located on the Reykjanes peninsula in Isafjardardjup by the main road. There is both an airport and a dock located in Reykjanes. There is an excellent panoramic view, facing all Snæfjalla coast, all Langadalsströnd and Borgarey.

Reykjanes has many good trails to walk by and local places are marked. Peaceful mornings and evenings in Reykjanes, along with diverse birdlife and seals can be seen on the beach.

Reykjanes has a lot of geothermal energy and all buildings are heated by the local springs. Local swimming pool is 50 x 12.5 meters and is located below the hotel. The pool is also heated by self-running hot geothermal water. Surrounding most of the pool is a fence. There is also a sun-platform and steambath aside the pool along with extremely popular benches to sit on underneath the water. Dressing rooms are right next to the pool with good showers. The swimming pool is always warm and because of that, many travelers that visit Reykjanes, say that it is one of the most effective resting places in the Westfjords, because the fatigue and stress will disappear in the hot water and clean air.


Jón Heiðar Guðjónsson